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 We are one of the leading adventure travel companies in western China and is also sector of China Xinjiang Mountaineering Association. We have fifteen years of experience in helping travelers achieve their dreams. 

Located in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, we offer many different types of adventures -jeep safaris, desert exploring, self driving tours, mountaineering, trekking, motorcycle tours, bicycle tours, plant and wildlife tours, ecological tours, horseback tours, camelback tours, minority culture, archeology, photography, study tours, golf tours, cultural exchanges, sightseeing, and more.  C.A. offers comprehensive travel services to those foreign tourists who visit China for our adventure and specialty tours.

We are also very good at operating the regular tour and sightseeing tour in China, due to our long-established wide cooperation net covering many powerful partners in China, we have very competitive price in many travel routes of china, especially  in the Silk Road and Tibet.

In the past 15 years, we successful received and organized over 150 foreign adventure tour groups and nearly 700 regular tour groups into many areas in the western China, which include Takla-Makan Desert, Lop-Nur, MT.Kunlun, MT.Tianshan, MT.Altay, Qiangtang Plateau, Pamir Plateau, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunan, Inner Mongolia, and all parts of Silk Road in China, and also feel proud of offering very quality, efficient, well-organized service with more flexibility for the travel groups from many countries of the world.

--Offer high mountains service for trekking and expedition group which include mountaineering permit, Guide, Cook, Kitchen tent, sleeping tent, Base camp tent, kitchen utilities, Gas cylinders, Animal transport such as camels, donkey and horses; Experienced English, German or Japanese speaking interpreter.
--Hire private Minibus(5-22 Seats), big Bus(33-46 Seats) and Jeep with A/C;
--Making reservations with hotel and flight tickets for any groups or individuals:
--Issuing visa support letter and all necessary documents for any groups or individals ;

We are very happy to work with any travel agency in any country and region as their local agents or with clients directly at mutual benefit. 

We make a target of providing reasonble price,  friendly attitude , high-quality service and 100% client satifaction.
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Kashgar-Tibet tour in 20
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Period : Bet ween June
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