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Self-driving Tour in China

We have many years of experience arranging for foreign groups to drive in China. By following the procedure outlined below, you will have a clear idea of how to make a self-driving tour within China a reality. For more details or for any other questions, please contact us.

If you wish to drive your own car, the procedure is:
Step 1. Give us your planned itinerary and basic information about the group (eg. number of drivers, number of vehicles, the size of the group, the date the group will arrive China port, duration, accommodation requirements, etc.). We would be willing to give you a quote on the itinerary you propose and to offer suggestions.

If you don’t have a planned itinerary yet, please tell us what you would like for the tour. Except the required information in the form, please do tell us the “entry” and “exit” ports in China. We could recommend an itinerary for you.

Step 2. If we arrange an itinerary and you accept the quotation, you must provide a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the tour cost which we will use to apply for all the permissions and licenses needed for the tour. Please note this should be submitted 3-4 months before the departure date. You must also provide the following information at the same time:


Driver of the car/motorbike

 Information needed regarding the vehicle itself

the driver ‘s passport  copy

 Make and Model

Drivers's head picture(2.7cm*3.8cm)

 Year of manufacture:

the photocopy of international driving license

 Body color:

The copy of vehicle registered certificate

National driving licenses copes;

 Plate number:


 Country of registration:

Home address:

Classis number


 Engine number


 Engine capacity


 Engine cylinder


 Fuel type:


 Seats of the vehicle:


 Value of the vehicle:


the certificate of vehicle safety after detection


Vehicle picture


Which side is for driver(left/right)


Step 3. Based on the information above, we will start to apply for all the necessary permits from the Chinese Government and will also do the preparation work needed for the group to come. This process may take 2 months at least(If the trip is only in one province, the process may only take 30 days ).

Step 4. When the group arrives in China, we will obtain the Temporary Entry Vehicle Plate & the temporary driving license, buy insurance, and help to finish all customs formalities required for automobiles to enter China.

Step 5. English-speaking guide from us will escort you during the tour until you exit from China, coordinating trip logistics and dealing with administrative affairs and any  problems arising during the journey so as to keep the tour going smoothly.

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