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Expedition of Bogda Peak

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Expedition of Bogda (5445m)

                        Expedition of Bogda Peak   
     Expedition of Bogda Peak
Mount Bogda (Bogda Feng in Chinese) is the highest peak in the Bodga Ola Range, an eastern sub-range of the great Tien Shan range. Although it is dwarfed by the 7000m plus high peaks (Pik Pobedy 7495 m and Khan Tengri7010 m) in the main range of Tien Shan, its close proximity to a provincial capital makes it a popular mountain for Chinese mountaineers.

Despite its moderate height, Mount Bogda is a difficult peak as most of its slopes are in excess of 70 degrees. The permanently snow-capped summit crowns an east-west trending ridge with 7 peaks over 5000 meters; a large glacier flows by its feet. The standard northeast ridge route is the only successful route ever to climb Mount Bodga. It is a basic snow/ice climb with an average gradient of about 60 degrees. At the foot of Mount Bogda, the man-made Lake Bogda (Lake Tianchi, or "Heavenly Lake" in Chinese), elevation 1980m, is a popular tourist attraction for boating, picnicking, horseback riding, and Kazakh ethnic culture.Mount Bogda was first climbed in 1981 by a 11-person team from Kyoto, Japan

D1-Arrive Urumqi ,hotel
D2-Rest at Urumqi and prepare gears,hotel
D3-Bus and trek to BC(30km)
D4-Rest at BC
D5-Ascent to C1 and back  to BC
D6-D12Climbing Activities for summit
D13-Back to Urumqi

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