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20 Years with Muztagh Ata Expedition

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                                                                          20 Years with Muztagh Ata Expedition
Times flies,since we organize first expedition of Muztagh Ata in 2000,it was already 20 years ago.In twenty years,we organize 7~8 groups by year.Last year,we organize 12 groups and 100 clients for Muztagh Ata Expedition.We renew all equipments every year.From simple tent for eating,we change to big ,comfortable and comprensive tent.From simple local food,we could offer very rich Chinese food and western food now.Before,we offer only Muztagh Ata base camp service(including meals service,interpreter service).Now,we could offer full set of service like base camp basic service,high altitude guiding service,all gears for high altitude,high altitude meals and high altitude portage service.Since two years ago,we invite Sherpas mountain guides of Nepal for Muztagh Ata Expedition.They are very experienced with high mountain and professional to guide client for high altitude.

Now,we already ordered new mess tent of Muztagh Ata Base Camp for 2020 Muztagh Ata Expedition season.It’s more comfortable and advanced.Our staff are in new training for mountain service.We are sure that we will bring you more excellent services and better experience for you!

Happy New Year 2020.We are ready here,waiting for you!
Kashgar CA Team

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We have groups for Muz
tagh-Ata Peak,Koskulak
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Kashgar-Tibet tour in 20
16. You may join to any
of them to get a group
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group.We are now
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for our 2016 expeditions.
Please join in.Climbing
Period : Bet ween June
15 and August 30 (Kashgar
to Kashgar).