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Muztagh ata Expedition in 2020

label:Muztagh ata Release time:2020-05-23 17:28
Muztagh ata Expedition in 2020

2020 is really one year different compared with others.It’s same for those who want go to Muztagh ata this year. Well known,Coronavirus spread in worldwide this year.It changed many peoples’ life.We need to stay at home and can’t go out freely.I didn’t see it before although we also passed the difficult periode with SARS.SARS is finished very soon.But this time,until today,we don’t know when Coronavirus will be finished completely in wordwide.We work on Muztagh ata expedition more than 20 years.The program is never stopped for any reason.But this year,we keep cautious optism attitude.If the disease can’t be finished before end of May,it will influence some clients’ schedules of Muztagh ata.

Any way, Good luck for your and your family,we are always ready here for Muztagh ata.
“Why we climb one mountain because the mountain is here”.
Kashgar CA team
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We have groups for Muz
tagh-Ata Peak,Koskulak
Peak, Kuksay Peak expe
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Kashgar-Tibet tour in 20
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for our 2016 expeditions.
Please join in.Climbing
Period : Bet ween June
15 and August 30 (Kashgar
to Kashgar).