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Trek in the Taklamakan Desert

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   Trek in the Taklamakan Desert     Trek in the Taklamakan Desert
Day01~Day02 Arrive Bishkek and transfer to Naryn
Day03 Torugart Pass to Kashgar(168KM—3/4hrs),hotel***.
(Another choice,you could arrive kashgar by the flight parmi votre country,Beijing and Kashgar)
Day04 Kashgar to Karacle Lake and drive back to Kashgar, hotel***.
Day05 Kashgar drive to Yarkand to Yecheng to Hotan, Hotel***.
Yarkant:visiting Mosque, Amanisar Han tomb and the King’s mausolem.
Day06 Visit Hotan city, Lasqui Bazzar, old town, jade factory, carpet and Siik workshop,etc, Driving to Yutian from Hotan(180KM-2:30hrs),hotel***.
Yutian is located in the south Silk road. Visit old town, we can find that local Uygur people keeps peculiar customs. Carved houses, bizarre dress, petit hats(like cup), etc.
Day07(Fri)Yutian to Daliyaboy town by jeep(230km), camp at on the way to Daliyaboy.Leaving in the morning, driving along with Keliya river to north and enter into deep desert of Daliyaboy for going in search of Keliya people who lived there generations by generations, almost isolated from outside world.(Nobody know when they come there and reside there. Until the 80th of last century, people found them..They are the  living specimen of ancient people in west region).
Day08(Sat)Driving and arrival Daliyaboy(Daheyan in Chinese) town by jeep,camp.
Visit some small villages of Keliya people.We can find their house which is made from Diversifolious Poplars and Red Willow. Living depond on hunt and nomad.Wearing long dress and putting on the boots which are all made from sheepskin.Making very big bread in the sand(there are only 1,200 Keliya people who lives in this town )
Day09—15Trekking and arrive Mazartag,camp.
 Trekking in the deep desert with camel group. Stoped at Mazartag(According to legend, here berried some Islamic Warriors who is dead in the battle between Islam and Buddhism.Local people regards it as holy mountain.)
Day16(   Sun)Mazartag to Moyu to Hotan by bus(265KM, 6hrs), Hotel***.
In the morning, we will leave desert by jeep and arrival the road which is going to Hotan.We change to take bus and say good-bye to Taklamakan.Visit Sunday Bazzar in Hotan.
Day17(Mon)Hotan drive to Yecheng to Yarkant to Kashgar by bus(520km,7-8hrs),hotel***.
We visit Carcash Zawa Bazzar(Monday bazzar) on the way to Kashgar. Having lunch in Yecheng
Day18(Tue)Sightseeing Kashgar. Visit old town, handscraft street, Idquar mosque and Apak Hoja tomb. Hotel***.
Day19(Wed)Driving Kashgar to Torugart Pass(168km—3/4hrs),crossing Chinese/Kyrgyz border.
Day20~day21 Go to Naryn, Bishkek and depature
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