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Expediton of K2 by Chinese Side

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Qogir Peak-K2 (8,611m)

Expediton of K2 by Chinese Side        Expediton of K2 by Chinese Side"Qogir" in Tajik language, means "tall and magnificent" .It is the second highest peak in the world, which is well-known as "K2". with an elevation of 8611.Qogir is located in the middle section of Karakoram mountains At 76.5°E and 35.9°N on the border of Pakistan and China.

Four of the world. highest fourteen 8,000 meter peaks straddle on Pakistan and China border. They are K2, Broad Peak(8047), Gasherbrum1(8080m), GasherbrumII(8034m). Besides, there are more than twenty peaks over 7000 meters, Famous one is Crown Peak(7295m).In appearance, Qogir looks a double-edged sword erected in the sky.It is classified the North Ridge, the West Ridge, the Northwest Ridge and the Southwest Ridge, the summit part are Pyramid-shaped with many snowed- cliffs. The vertically from the base camp site in the north to the summit reaches even more than 4700 meters. The steep slopes, harsh weather make the climbing activity very difficult. it the most difficult peak with highest death rates. The Yingisugat Glavier, which amounts to 42 kilometers,is the longest in China.

The rainy season of this area is in May and lasts till September every year, when the warm and wet air current of Southwest monsoon is converted into rainfall. From mid-September to mid-April of the next year, the powerful and piercingly cold west wind brings about the bitterly cold winter, when the minimum temperature may even be as low as -50℃.

The Chinese side of K2 is rarely climbed. The North Ridge was first ascended by a large Japanese expedition in 1982 and has seen only a handful of repeats, the most recent in 1996. Until now, the latest autumn ascent of K2 was a 1978 American team's summits on September 6 and 7, via the Northeast Ridge.

You must trek to BC of K2 before middle of May and stay there until end of August because big flood in the river.There is 15 days with good wether for K2 periodically between end of July and beginning of August and it’s gold periode for K2 summit.

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