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Mustagh ata Expedition in 2021

label:Mustagh ata Release time:2020-10-12 21:49
Mustagh ata Expedition in 2021
In 2020,as well known,for Corona virus reason, noboday tried Mustagh ata expedition.Now,this disease is well controlled in our country. I think Mustagh ata will be opened to alpinists in 2021 without any doubt.Now, domestic tourism is already started here.Many tourists came to the region of Mustagh ata.Of course,the expedition season is finished and nobody tried Mustagh ata expedition.But,many alpinists already tried other mountains in other provinces of our country.Nowadays,Vaccine is also in the process.
Based on optimistic judgement,we scheduled our Mustagh ata Expedition plan for 2021,
We have eleven sheduled departures for Mustagh Ata expedtion in 2021,welcome for any consult, thanks

00. 05.June  (date of arriving at Kashgar)
01. 10.June   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  

02. 13.June   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  
03. 20.June   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  
04. 24.June   (date of arriving at Kashgar )  
05. 05.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar)
06. 12.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  
07. 18.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  
08. 24.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar) 
09. 30.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar) 
10. 06.Aug   (date of arriving at Kashgar)  

One extra confirmed departures in 2021,
01. 27.July   (date of arriving at Kashgar)

If you are a group or indepandent alpinist,pls contact us to join our Mustagh ata expedition to share the cost.We are ready here.

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