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Great Traverse from Xinjiang to Tibet

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Great Traverse from Xinjiang to Tibet    Great Traverse from Xinjiang to Tibet
Day1  Arrive Beijing by the flight,hotel
Day2  Beijing 12,45 > URC16,50, -o/n Urumqi airport hotel***
Day3  Flight > KHG 08.55 - Arrival Kashgar 10.40 , hotel****
Day4  Kashgar sightseeing , hotel****
Day5  Transfer > Tashkorgan ,hotel***
Day6  Transfer > Yarkang He gorge - camp or local house
Day7  Transfer > Garlik , hotel***
Day8  Transfer > Mazar - local guest gouse or camp.
Day9  Transfer > Ulingtang - Camp
Day10  Transfer > Rutog - hotel
Day11  Transfer > Ali - hotel
Day12  Transfer > Dungkar-Phyang - camp
Day13  Transfer > Thöling - hotel or camp
Day14  Tsaparang sightseeing - hotel or camp
Day15  Transfer > Tirhapuri - camp
Day16  Tranfer > Manasarovar / Chiu gompa - camp
Day17  Transfer > Darchen - hotel
Day18  Trek 1 Kailash - camp
Day19  Trek 2 Kailash - camp
Day20  Trek 3 Kailash + transfer > Seralung - camp
Day21  Transfer > Baryang - camp or guest house
Day22  Transfer > Saga - camp or guest house
Day23  Transfer > Kasa - hotel
Day24  (Morning meeting with Nepal partner) Transfer Nagarkhot hotel
Day25  Nagarkhot Trek to Bakthapur SS + Transfer Dwarika
Day26  Kathmandu sightseeing - hotel Dwarika
Day28  Kathmandu > Depature

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