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Trek to North Face of K2

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K2 ,or Qogir in local langue ,the second highst mountain in the world with the altitude 8611m. It's situated in the Karakôrum plateau,encircled by these very famous mountains likeMasherbrum(7821m-K1), Broad Peak(8047m), Gasherbrum II(8034m) et Gasherbrum I(8068m). Qogri means «white godesse » in local langue, a name very exact for this mountain.When you take the first look at it,you will be charmed by this enormous,graceful and completement white mountain.
Trek to North Face of K2    Trek to North Face of K2


D01-D02 Vol vers Bishkek,Road to Naryn
D03 Road to kashgar by the frontier Tourgart(3752m)
(Another choice,you could arrive kashgar by the flight parmi your country,Beijing and Kashgar)
D04 Road to Gaglik,a little visit of the ancient Yarkand Kingdom on the road,hotel
D05Road to Mazar Pass 5050m, then village Tatulukou(3550m),camper at Tatulukou(3550m).
D06 Trek to an confluence of two rivers,camper (3800m) 12km,4~6 h walk.
D07 Trek to No.2 Sheepfold (4330m),camper.12.5km,6~8 h walk.
D08 Traverse Angil pass(4900m) and the Shaksgham river, first look of Gasherbrum II (8034m) andGasherbrumI (8068m) ,camper at the bank of Shaksgham(3950m),15km,8~10 h walk.
D09 Traverse three times Shaksgham river  on the camel ,camper at No.3 sands of Shaksgham river (3850).18km,8~12 h walk
D10 Trek to BC Sughet Jangal of K2,first look of K2.12km, 6~8h walk .
D11~D12 Explore ABC of K2(Italy BC),glacier Skamri et Sughet, Crown summit(7294m). camper au BC
D13~D17 trek back to Tatulukou village and meet our driver.
D18 Say good-bye to our caravan and road to Gaglik,hotel
D19 Road to Kashgar ,hotel
D20 Visit kashgar- a  carrfour city on the ancient silk road,Sunday market,old city.
D22-D23 come back to your home by Bishkek via le col Tourgart ,or by Beijing via Urumqi
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