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Trek around Mustaghata

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Trek around Mustaghata   Trek around Mustaghata
MustaghAta(7546m) means “father of glace mountain”,it stand in the pamir tableland with his neigbour Kongur(7719m).These nomades of Kirghize live there with theirs Yaks,camels,horses more than 2000 years.Today,we will discover the extra beautiful view with your caravan team along the vally between these two enormous mountain


The June, July,August,September fixed departure au minimum 2 persons (2015)

: flight Paris/Bichkek. Car for Kashgar by Torugart Pass (3752 m).Another choice,you could arriver Beijing by flight.Then,you could arriver kashgar in one day by the flight via Urumqi.

Day04 :Road to lake kalakol (3650 m),which lies between MustaghAta and Kongur

Day05: Beginning ofcircuit, trek to Tchotumak (4125 m) ,camper near to these
 yourtes of nomade.

Day06 : Ascend to BC of Mustaghata (4420 m) Descend to Jumbalac village (3945 m).

Day07 : Trek to Subash ,one village which lie near to kalakol lake---described as one mysterious lake in the Maroc Polo’s book(3650m)

Day08: Descend in the Kanxiwa valley---fertile pasture in the local langue ,camper at Toukuzbalk(3700m)

Day09 :Trek along the Kengxiwa valley, you will meet constanly some namades with theirs herds during the trekking, camper at Kuksai (3895 m).

Day10 :Ascend in the piste among big rocks ,Camper at Karadjilka before Turbulung pass (4520 m).

Day11 : Traverse the Turbulung pass (4915 m) , camper at Yanbulak (4280 m).

Day12 : Traverse the second pass- Yango pass (4835 m). Camper at Tchitchilik (4420 m).

Day13 :Traverse an little pass (4510 m), desend in a green valley,camper at Langer (3445 m).

Day14 : Exit of valley,meet our bus driver and transfer to Tashkurgan,hotel

Day15 et Day16 : Come back to Kashgar in the bus. Visit this mysterious and lengend city at silk road.Don’t miss the big Sunday market and animal market

Day17 à Day19 : depature by Bishke or Beijing
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